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Concept iPhone 6 tripartite display

Here concept of the future smartphone Apple - iPhone 6. Curved displays on mobile phones can be considered a matter resolved, which means, sooner or later, they will all manufacturers. Of course, will be no exception and Apple. The new iPhone 6 concept develops theme the triangular display. AMOLED-panel on flexible plastic substrate extends across the front face and bent on the side faces. Conti...

Sideburn – small mount for iPhone via SD card slot

The iPhone is a fairly dainty device, but it still needs a helping hand to fit into an SD card slot. That is where the Sideburn comes in. The Sideburn is a small mount that plugs into the SD slot on an iMac or MacBook to keep your iPhone in a usable place. You won't have to tear your eyes away from your big screen to check your new messages or catch an incoming call. You also won't risk losing you...