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Steam Cleaner: eco-friendly cleaning

Steam Cleaner: eco-friendly cleaning

In addition to making your chores a little easier, the streamlined conical contraption uses so little water that it does the Earth a favor as well. Its appeal is in the absolute effortless operation which does not require any spraying, soaking, scrubbing or washing. Its success is in its exploitation of steam and UV sterilizing technologies to annihilate all types of dirt, scum and stains on every surface from the kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom and living room.

Steam Cleaner - eco-friendly cleaning1

Although some truly do, few take pleasure in the process of tidying spaces, so a gadget like the Steam Cleaner by Adriano Conti is the ideal appliance for disinfecting every part of your domestic environment.

Steam Cleaner - eco-friendly cleaning3

Steam Cleaner - eco-friendly cleaning2
Via contidesign.net

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