Smart concepts from Lenovo

Smart concepts from Lenovo

On the eve of its annual event for the presentation of new products, the Chinese company Lenovo showed a number of its new developments, which are characterized by high-tech and full autonomy.
For example, the helmet of the augmented reality of DAYSTAR does not require the presence of a smartphone or computer, it has superficial lenses and a display.
Another concept called CAVA is an assistant who can recognize human faces and speech. He can analyze the daily habits of a person and reminds him of them in case the “master” forgot something.
Another Working out, Worthy of attention – SmartVest.. This is an “intelligent” T-shirt that can monitor heart activity and record an electrocardiogram in 24/7 mode. If the data deviates from the norm – an alarm message is sent to the owner on the mobile phone.
SmartCast + is a smart column, that works with augmented reality. She can educate children chinese language and display subtitles on the projector while studying.Future technology Smart concepts from Lenovo

Future technology Smart concepts from Lenovo Future technology Smart concepts from Lenovo

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