SkyKap Advisor

SkyKap Advisor

A company called SkyKap launches the Advisor golf rangefinder GPS cap that is designed to offer golfers a more accurate gameplay. The Advisor packs the power of a rangefinder and GPS in the visor of a comfortable golf hat. It provides hands-free operation and is controlled by Speaker Independent Voice Recognition, means you get the power of a golf rangefinder and golf GPS without having to carry extra equipment.

SkyKap Advisor

Built into the Brim of a standard Golf cap or visor is sophisticated electronics allowing what appears to be an ordinary cap to function as a complete Golf information system. The cap conforms to USGA/PGA rulings. It has USB port for PC connection and has room for 2,000 courses.

SkyKap Advisor 2 SkyKap Advisor 3 SkyKap Advisor 4

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