Sharp Curved Phone Concept

Sharp Curved Phone Concept

Sharp has a knack for making phone displays with tiny bezels, as seen in the US a couple of years ago with the Aquos Crystal. Thus, the Sharp Curve handset makes a lot of sense, as the next Aquos Crystal phone.
But this phone is made by the designer, like a renderer. The renders have been done with the aid of AutoCAD and Autodesk Maya. When seen from the front, the device looks very much like the Essential Phone, but the back side is so curved, it may as well we a throwback to the Galaxy Round. It’s actually less curved than that model to be fair and it’s meant to be as ergonomic as possible.
There’s a dual front camera embedded into the “forehead” of the device, in the same way as the Essential Phone did. At the back we find a dual back camera and the whole device is made of metal and glass. Sharp’s new concept phone has curved corners and looks utterly gorgeous.Future technology Sharp Curved Phone Concept

Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a curved display, as Samsung has the Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge, but they have a large bezel at the top to house the earpiece. As for where the earpiece features in the Sharp Curve remains a mystery.. Seen from the profile we can enjoy how slim and curved this handset actually is. We don’t have specs here, but we do know that the screen supports HDR.
The bad news is that the Sharp Curve is just a concept for now, so it may never make it to retail stores.
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