Robot Pet

Robot Pet

Who better, cats or dogs? In fact, it does not matter if you really love your pet. Sometimes attachment to the four-footed friends makes guilty every time you need to go to work and leave the pet alone. Or yet the complaints of neighbors to dreary howl or noise in the apartment. Well, what there is modern technology: they allow watch after the pet and play with him, even while away from home. Distance is no longer a hindrance.
Meet,Pawbo – personal assistant to care for the pet. While you are at work or away, Pawbo can entertain the game and refreshments four-legged. But, more importantly, with the help of devaysa the owner will always be able to be “in touch” with your pet: tell him a couple of gentle or scold, to watch the adventures of shaggy home or remotely to play with him. Future technology Robot Pet

Pawbo somewhat reminiscent of the familiar to many radio-nanny. But with improved technology filling. And for animals. Built-in camera with a resolution of 720p allows to watch your pet in real time. And,if he do bad or sad in the absence of the owner, a voice message can always host to “talk” with the beast.
Also Pawbo can shoot laser like a robot from the movie. Of course, the beams are absolutely harmless and just remind the good old laser pointer. The host can control it using the application remotely, and thus to play with animals, accompanying the process voice commands. Or, set the timer, and the game automatically starts,that the pet does not get bored at home. Also it provides for a system of automatic “distribution buns”, that is,for pet treats. Future technology Robot PetFuture technology Robot Pet Future technology Robot Pet Future technology Robot Pet Future technology Robot Pet Future technology Robot Pet
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