Robot Care-E for airports

Robot Care-E for airports

The Dutch airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines decided to launch Care-E assistant-robots at airports in San Francisco and New York. Devices will meet passengers at the checkpoint. They are trained to take luggage from travelers and escort them to the desired point in the huge airport building.
To walk with the robot on the airport, you need to allow him to scan the boarding pass. Care-E moves at a speed of 3 kilometers per hour – it’s a little slower than the average speed of a person, so walking around with it all makes no sense. The meaning of interaction with a robot is to give him his baggage for transportation to the receiving post, where the goods will be transferred to the aircraft.
Robots will start helping people this summer. During the project launch, it will be possible to use the robotic assistant for free for two days. Later, the assistant’s services will be paid. True, their price has not yet been announced.
It is curious that small companies tried to start robots of this kind earlier, but it was difficult to work with the airport system, and all attempts failed. The system at Care-E is integrated, the airport administration has supported this project. So the chances for success of this initiative from KLM are much higher.Future technology Robot Care-E for airports

 Future technology Robot Care-E for airports Future technology Robot Care-E for airports  Future technology Robot Care-E for airports Future technology Robot Care-E for airports

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