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Projects touchscreens Omnitouch

Projects touchscreens Omnitouch

A Post by Neutronic – Microsoft OmniTouch changes our perception of the world – instead of looking at objects as just objects, anything and everything can turn into an interactive touchscreen. The OmniTouch is usually mounted on a shoulder, from which it projects an interface whether it be a complete computer screen or just a simple keyboard. Your hand is a smartphone and the wall is your new computer screen.


Considering the fact that the size of technology is getting smaller by the day, it seems perfectly convenient to squish all your gadgets and gizmos into one projector. However the projector isn’t exactly perfectly portable – as you can see below. In addition to the OmniTouch projecting an interface, it directly recognizes hand movements and gestures. Probably using much of the powerful technology found in Kinect, OmniTouch is capable of near-perfect hand tracking.


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