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Portable Power Generator future

Portable Power Generator future

‘Cyclus’ is one of the solution for the power generating without further environmental impact within everyday circumstance. In nowadays, it is really hard to survive without any electrical devices where especially urbanised society. Obviously power supplying issue is one of the fundamental problem to sustain current life cycle, and it can’t be split to consider for further sophisticated user experience. in reality there are some kind of archetype which already exists in the current market, for instance solar panel. However these early type of solution also requires certain user effort (eg, finding a location where appropriate to generate power.). Additionally in the meantime the device generates power, user cant move the place.

Power Generator Design Concept

It certainly doesn’t fit to user demand, so ‘cyclus’ has been designed as an alternative solution for these problems. It basically adopts very reliable technology, for instance, main power source is ‘spring’ and 12V DC motor. So user just twist bottom component of this product, then next 30min cyclus constantly generates power which is enough to drive daily portable devices without further environmental impact.

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