Portable induction cooktop

Portable induction cooktop

Roll-Up – a foldable portable induction cooktop. Standard cooktops have heating components in close proximity to electronic components, which requires a good insulation layer between them. The result is a compact but thick product. Roll-up, on the other, hand separates the two components rendering the heating component very thin and elegant. In addition, when induction coils are made smaller, as is the case with the Roll-Up, the heating component can be folded. Electronic component is placed in a fancy looking hard-drive like case. These features of the Roll-Up enable portability of this cooktop.

portable induction cooktop

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  • Tony

    December 30th, 2010 at 7:45 am

    while induction cooktops are amazinging efficient, the induction excites the magnetic moments in the metal cooking pot, resulting in spin friction, and resultanat heating, the size of the wires between the cook top and the “box” and the “box” results in me considering the power the device transfers is mostly in the form of ideas and not that of heating energy. Well done.

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