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Portable computer concept Rolltop

Portable computer concept Rolltop

Rolltop is a portable computer development concept for designer, architect and everyone,
who would like to have a gadget, which, from an aesthetic standpoint alone, certainly hits the mark.  By virtue of the OLED-Display technology and a multitouchscreen the utility of a laptop computer with its weight of a mini-notebook and screen size of 13 inch easily transforms into the graphics tablet, which with its 17-inch flat screen can be also used as a primary monitor due to the support attached to the back of the screen.

portable computer concept 3

The device of the flexible display allows a new concept in notebook design growing out of the traditional “bookformed” laptop into unfurling and convolving portable computer. Rolltop incorporates both latest high-tech devices and a new brand design techniques into a computer that will increase the quality and productivity of the designers work. On top of everything else no laptop bag needed – all computer utilities from an interactive pen through power supply to the holding belt are integrated in Rolltop. This is really an all-in-one gadget.

portable computer concept 1portable computer concept 4  portable computer concept 2


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