Polaroid camera redesign

Polaroid camera redesign

Designer Evan Jardee takes on a redesign project for one of the most well-known models of modern industrial design in the world. In the whole world! The polaroid camera. If you think about it, you can almost certainly pop up an image or two in your head about what the camera itself looks like. Everyone knows what it does. How about taking that instant-print concept though, and adding more functionality, then also changing the form almost entirely? Sounds like fun!

future tech polaroid design

As you can see below, Evan Jardee took a LOT of time changing EVERYTHING about the classic design except for its ability to pump out photos instantly. This camera comes with a separate lovely station for display as well! Get your shell object on!

I wonder if it floats, also? It looks like a flying creature of some sort, the whole body of it looks like wings! It’s elegant though, right? It’s definitely not attempting to be the most simple set of aesthetic choices, no way! It’s meant to be its own person. That’s for sure.

No other camera looks just like this.

Designer: Evan Jardee

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