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These days when smart have become reason for survival as it is getting users with immense facilities. As one cannot carry along TV to watch movies online, shows, or music whereas mobile is portable and serve the same purpose ass TV does, all you need to have internet connection to access over the channels.

Through this smartphone you can watch your favorite movie, shows and listen your favorite music during any time of the day. All you need to get hold of the application which would enable these features.

There are lot of websites which are offering similar features but some of them are commendable, The later article is only concerned about the free music video streaming site for your portable device.

The listed sites are completely trustworthy and hold easy interface which will make its use smooth. These site have large quantity of music data in its list which is good. You can also download songs or listen them online hence you get an option to make your own playlist of your own choice.

So, read the article carefully, feature of each site is explained in detail and choose the most appropriate of your choice.

  1. YOUTUBE: It is most famous site which has been trending since very long. This site has wide content which is liked by user. You get access to over millions of videos and get notified every time new video is uploaded so that you don’t miss any recent hit. It is largest platform which has many subscribers. You get to hear music of your favorite artist and if you want to watch video they are also available in HD quality. Music from each genre with variety of choice is available. This application is free of cost with maximum services. You can also save videos offline so that you can watch them later when you do not have internet connection.
  1. VEVO: This site is for all the music lovers. This tool gets you with all the amazing music list. All the latest music to all the old melodies are available on this site. You can also watch music videos for free. There is specific list created for genre and artist involved in it. You can create a music list of your own choice of your own favorite choice of songs, and listen them many times. This application is available for every device. This site also features great videos with nice picture quality. This is great alternative to Youtube.
  1. MTV.COM: MTV stands for music TV and hence serve the same purpose. It showcases all the latest songs with subtitles on its application as well. User get list of thousands of music through which they can select what they want to listen. Music from most of the genre is available and sung by re-known singers. You will find all your favorite singers over this site. You can also create your own playlist like you can do in other sites.
  1. YAHOO! MUSIC: Over this platform you can find all the famous music videos as well as the moment they were being covered. Navigation is not too difficult as music is arranged in sorted manner wherein you can search music through its themes. You can also give them news feed so that they can work as per your requirement as they are constantly getting upgrading to work according to users need.
  1. BILLBOARD: This is high rated music application which is being used worldwide. It consists music of almost all the genres. This application will constantly alert you with what is on the top this week. As on this site songs are ranked in 1-100 order and hence has its own rating chart which is marked by the popularity a song received on the site. This site is completely free and gets you with amazing video quality and feature of saving songs offline. Also it gives chance to all the emerging artist. It is best platform for the ones who are on growing into this field.

All these sites are legally registered and does not harm or corrupt your device in any manner. All sites are currently working good and are facing tough competition with each other which in a way is benefiting user as they get better service each time after upgrade.

I hope you like the above article and will definitely comment for the same and do not forget the site you liked the most and the site you currently are using. It’s time to switch all the music fans.

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