Accept payments Everywhere

A new company, called Square is turning the credit card processing industry on its ear with an application available at the iTunes store. Available for the iPad, the iPhone and iPod Touch, Square enables you to take credit card payments for, well, just about anything. Once you register for the free Square app they will send you a card reader that plugs into your mobile device and then, let the ...

Computer Concept HP.

HP Motivation Eco-Friendly Computer concept Creating an eco-friendly computer by using recyclable materials and reusable/convertable packaging (more…)

Concept phone nokia future

Foldable phones are a niche that wasn’t exploited by designers lately, but we got the trend back thanks to Chris Wang, who created the Nokia E10 concept. This device looks really nice and comes with a foldable display, that’s made out of flexible material. (more…)

Future green technology concept

Scientific data demonstrates the deterioration of the air in buildings over the last 50 years. Chemical pollutants cause more and more health problems. Plants have the capacity to depollute the air and create oxygen. The idea is to design a modular green wall system where plants, water and light create an « interior lung » to enhance air quality and create a luminous positive effect on workers a...

Projector concept – "Pico P"

Conceived by Dutch designer Valentin Neda, the “Pico P” is a projector concept that fits in your pocket for easy transportation, allowing to user to conduct an instant presentation anywhere, anytime. The portable projector is based on laser technology, which does not require any adjustment or focusing, as it positions itself with the integrated stand. All the user need to do is place the proje...

Future computer

All functional elements are hidden if not used The Set folds up to vertical plane. Micro frame structure of material provides "retraction" of dynamics, keyboards and display. Design Katherine Semenko (more…)

By The Power Of Rings!

The RIMA lamp is an awesome beauty that has what it takes to be artistic and fun. Four controller rings manage the whole show…sliding them left to right or vice versa illuminates the LEDs or switches them off. The heat, intensity, angle of the beam and color are controlled via these rings, however a processor, which detects the position of each single ring, regulates the actions. (more&h...

Concept future innovation – Google Magnify

Google Magnify is the latest concept to be created by Anh Nguyen. This concept began with a funny email that he had been going around the office at his work. He went up to their intern, who just happened to be from France, before realizing that he would have a tough time reading it. After a little bit of confusion, the intern just copy and pasted the entire email into Google Translate and was crac...

Flex Cellphone the “Touchscreen Click”.

Ever wanted to combine the touchscreen experience with the feeling of pressing a genuine physical button? Valentin Neda has the next best thing, through a phone design called Flex Click, a cellphone that provides tactile feedback while pressing touch buttons on the screen. (more…)

Dance Robot LIVE

"Visitors to the Digital Content Expo in Tokyo last weekend were treated to a choreographed dance routine featuring AIST's feminine HRP-4C robot and four humans. The performance, called "Dance Robot LIVE! - HRP-4C Cybernetic Human," is the culmination of a year-long effort to teach the humanoid to dance. The routine was produced by renowned dancer /choreographer  SAM-san" (more…)