Step create energy .

This fancy little object goes by the name “Slide” and with it, you can generate energy walking up and down steps. By simply placing your hand upon the green and pushing it along the railing aside the stairs you’re walking on, you’ll generate energy! With that energy, the several arrohead-shaped LEDs in the object are lit so that you might see where you’re going in a power outage or other...

Air purifier

A window-fitting air purifier that constantly measures quality of indoor and outdoor air then lets outdoor air inside or filters the indoor air. The idea is that when the outside air quality is poor, the purifier can kick on and begin cleaning the indoor air. This allows the expensive HEPA filters to last longer. (more…)

SkyKap Advisor

A company called SkyKap launches the Advisor golf rangefinder GPS cap that is designed to offer golfers a more accurate gameplay. The Advisor packs the power of a rangefinder and GPS in the visor of a comfortable golf hat. It provides hands-free operation and is controlled by Speaker Independent Voice Recognition, means you get the power of a golf rangefinder and golf GPS without having to carry e...

Next generation camera phone

MotoLINK was created for a Product Design course, in which students were asked to design the next generation camera phone for Motorola. Over the course of six weeks, I worked closely with Motorola representatives to gain an understanding of manufacturing/engineering processes, UI design, materials, and color and finish. The assignment afforded skills in prototyping, sketching, and the use of 3D mo...

Portable induction cooktop

Roll-Up - a foldable portable induction cooktop. Standard cooktops have heating components in close proximity to electronic components, which requires a good insulation layer between them. The result is a compact but thick product. Roll-up, on the other, hand separates the two components rendering the heating component very thin and elegant. In addition, when induction coils are made smaller, as i...

Weather Phone

The Windows Weather Phone is a refresh from bad weather predictions and inconvenient phone interfaces. The Windows Weather Phone is not only able to predict weather accurately, but also make its completely transparent body mimic the weather. If it’s snowing outside, it would appear as if it’s realistically snowing inside the phone itself- creating an astounding illusion. (more…)

Palm device concept

Palm Pad, by Brent Downey We weren’t able to get many details on the Pad, but as these renders show, the new device comes with a kickstand, wireless physical keypad, and a slide-down back with gaming controls and a touch-sensitive input area. (more…)

Portable Digital Music Stand

Musicians often have to bother about small irritating things such as having to turn the page on their sheet music repertoire. Of course, technology can always come to help and the concept Smartstand is one such device. It features a simple multi-touch interface and a hands-free page-turning pedal to make sure that you can turn the page without stopping the fun. It seems to include an online music ...

A music to another level!

Here’s a wild idea that takes creating music to another level! Imagine having a DAP that instinctively registers the beats of your finger-drumming, or translates your air-guitar antics to pleasurable music? Frostie, a concept by none other than Mac Funamizu, could be a revolutionary tool in making melodies from your hands. Listen to music or fashion your own remixes from your favorite artists an...

Mini Kitchen a tasty concept

Having just celebrated my second wedding anniversary, my single days are (touch wood) behind me. As such, the Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen isn’t the most practical gadget for me, but it sure is damn cool–in a high-tech lunchbox sorta way. (more…)