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Opalum Move – new speaker concept

Opalum Move – new speaker concept

As a result, in collaboration with the brand Opalum, industrial designer came up with this concept Opalum speaker Move. This project explores how we behave in relation to the music and sound within our own home. In our era, the Internet and digital media changed the way we listen to music, so you need to develop a product that supports the new way we consume music. The result is a portable speaker that handles all your audio needs.

Opalum Move speaker concept4

Opalum Move the loudspeaker has been designed with built-in amplifier and can be used with all of its multimedia products. You can stream your music from your computer, laptop or gadgets in the speaker using wireless DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) system. The minimalist remote control sensor is in the fabric, changing the volume, switch songs, and much more, to save your favorite songs at their fingertips.

Designer: Melker Molin

Opalum Move speaker concept5Opalum Move speaker concept1Opalum Move speaker concept2Opalum Move speaker concept3
Via tuvie.com

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