Next generation camera phone

Next generation camera phone

MotoLINK was created for a Product Design course, in which students were asked to design the next generation camera phone for Motorola. Over the course of six weeks, I worked closely with Motorola representatives to gain an understanding of manufacturing/engineering processes, UI design, materials, and color and finish. The assignment afforded skills in prototyping, sketching, and the use of 3D modeling to convey my final concept.

Future phone MotoLink 1

MotoLINK is tailored to meet the needs of the busy American teenager — an audience accustomed to instant communication via technology. Teens can use the camera to capture and personalize photos of their friends and family, and then send quick updates through a second touch screen dedicated to their social network. The system allows for a more fluid and personal connection with those who matter most.

Future phone MotoLink 2

motoLINK offers two modes of use. Moving the slider one notch up will reveal the camera button and open the lens on the camera. Slide the cover one notch further and the camera ejects and flips around to enable portrait mode.

Future phone MotoLink 5

Once the image is captured and personalized with a message, the teen simply drags and drops the photo to the second touch screen and it is delivered instantly.

Future phone MotoLink 6

A system of customizable LED lights are arranged on the back of the phone, which alert the teen to new messages or updates. They can also be programmed to act as a sound equalizer when playing videos or music.

David Kodinsky

Future phone
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