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New technology may replace Bluetooth

New technology may replace Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology was the remarkable innovation, enabling wireless connection between devices over short distances. However, engineers are developing a new technology that could replace Bluetooth and in this case will allow the gadgets to consume less energy.
Passive Wi-Fi, so christened developed  technologies, which will enable faster data transfer over a short distance. At the same time the energy consumption is in 10 thousand times smaller than conventional chips consume Wi-Fi, as well as 1000 times less than you need Bluetooth LE modules and ZigBee. The technology developed by scientists at the University of Washington.
Radio energy is taken from an external source, and then the signal retransmitted to the added data. Thus generated Wi-Fi-packs that can be decoded  smartphones and tablet computers. Although the data rate is not more than 11 megabits per second, it is still far more than can give Bluetooth.
New technology in the future is likely to play an important role in the development of the Internet of Things. Thanks to her all networked gadgets and appliances will be able to exchange data without the limitations imposed by Bluetooth standard.Future technology New technology may replace Bluetooth

  Future technology New technology may replace Bluetooth

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