New smartphone Palm

New smartphone Palm

About 10-15 years ago the concept of “smartphone” was quite alien. Market was saturated PDA and communicators. And it was then that the “iPhone of its time” could be called gadgets from the American company Palm. This brand can be attributed to the ancestor of smartphones.
Palm has a lot of good devices, like palmONE Treo 650 and a unique PDA with built-in hard disk palmOne LifeDrive.
But time changed everything. The choice as the main operating system for their webOS products in 2009 was a fatal mistake for the brand. A year later Palm will join Hewlett-Packard, and in 2014 the company will be bought by the Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL Corporation.
And for the past four years TCL Corporation has been feeding promises to revive the legendary Palm brand.
For four years TCL Corporation has developed a smartphone with the code name Palm PVG100. Judging by the rumors, the device will be very good. Smartphone  will work on Android 8.1 and will receive a hardware keyboard.
It is not clear why TCL, which owns the brand Alcatel and BlackBerry, to release another stillborn smartphone? The desire to play on nostalgia, as Nokia did with a controversial model like the Palm PVG100, is unlikely to be economically justified.
Smartphone from Palm plans to show in the second half of 2018. Not long  left to wait,just so as not to vain …Future technology New smartphone Palm 

Future technology New smartphone Palm Future technology New smartphone Palm

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