New "smart" windows

New "smart" windows

With each passing day the number of “smart” devices grows. Some 3-4 years ago “smart” watches were perceived as something exotic, but now watches have almost every second men.  “Smart” is getting around, from electric kettles and vacuum cleaners and light bulbs.
In recent years, “smarter”  became and the ordinary household window. Smart windows obscured able to filter out the sun’s rays in bright days, and vice versa – can offer plenty of light in the cloudy days.
The process developed in parallel in two ways: on the one hand, specialists endowed the window function and the regulation of the transparency of the screen to display information, on the other hand, used the windows as solar panels, from which the glass becomes very dark.
Recently a group of researchers led by Jeremy Mondeo managed to combine these two technologies together.Future technology New "smart" windows

Researchers have developed a new smart window glass, which is based on a polymer matrix comprising microdroplets of liquid crystal material and a layer of amorphous silicon, which is used in conventional photo electric elements. When “off” the window, the liquid crystals scatter light, making the glass opaque. Upon activation of the system, the silicon layer absorbs photons and It provides necessary to align the crystals a charge,thus part of the light passes freely through glass and makes a window transparent. This produces the energy that feeds the device itself, and the excess can be directed to other needs, including additional lighting and electricity supply of household appliances.
The electrical energy, generated layers of amorphous silicon, consumed on maintaining crystals in the “on” state, but when the window is opaque, and the crystals are inactive, power is redirected in a special charger, which can be used for windows, as for charging smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. Future technology New "smart" windows Future technology New "smart" windows
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