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New communication system-Unliquited

New communication system-Unliquited

Unliquited is a new communication system consisting of two main parts, a mobile phone and a server, wireless connected with each other.

This division allows moving the main electronic components like CPU, and memory from the phone to the server which implies that only the basic hardware stays part of the mobile device. The server processes the software and applications that you can transfer to your phone by touching the screen which works as the interface of the server.

This displacement reduces the components inside the phone so that less materials and energy is required to produce and introduce the phone on the consumer market.

new communication system 3

new communication system 1new communication system 4new communication system 5 new communication system 2

Via – behance

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  • youredumb

    June 6th, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    what is that crap on the back? bubble wrap? You can’t just make a design and call it breakthrough. Some engineering is involved you know…. This is dumb…. the whole idea is dumb. So this is SUCH a great idea that if I don’t have service I can’t… See my planner, access my phonebook, play games, use my gps function because I HAVE NO SERVICE AND ALL MY APPS ARE RAN THROUGH A WEB SERVER. way to think things through. dumb and fail

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