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Neom: a gigantic city of the future

Neom: a gigantic city of the future

Saudi Arabia announced plans to create a futuristic megacity of 25,900 square kilometers, which will be located on the coast of the Red Sea near Egypt and Jordan.
Neom, this is the name of the city of the future, will become a technology center for the countries of Asia and Africa and will be located within the independent economic zone. $ 500 billion will be allocated for the construction of a high-tech megapolis.
Neom, whose territory will surpass 33 times the area of ​​New York, will feed exclusively on renewable energy. It is planned that the futuristic hub will become the largest city, using exclusively the energy of the sun and wind.
The public investment fund of Saudi Arabia together with the kingdom authorities called on innovators, scientists and visionaries to form a society that will be the first to introduce the next generation technologies. Innovative policy will develop new solutions in the field of food industry, renewable energy, environmentally friendly transport, digital and biotechnology, as in many other areas.Future technology Neom: a gigantic city of the future

“The technology of the future is the basis for the development of Neom. It is planned to implement innovative solutions in the field of transport, from unmanned vehicles to flying taxis, new methods for growing and processing food products, in the healthcare system, as well as wireless high-speed Internet access, free qualified online education, construction reforms and much more. And most importantly, that all this will work exclusively on RES, “said the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad ibn Salman.
At the moment, active negotiations with potential partners and investors are already underway, and the adoption of a special tax and administrative regime for the cities of the future should attract entrepreneurs and engineers from all over the world.Future technology Neom: a gigantic city of the future Future technology Neom: a gigantic city of the future
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