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Music Phone "Ondo" by PILOTFISH

Music Phone "Ondo" by PILOTFISH

Conceptual mobile phone for the music enthusiast who seeks to interactively capture, edit and share sounds. The Ondo concept enables OEMs to visualize a new form of user interaction for mobile phones. Going beyond software-based solutions of other products, it is specifically designed to effectively collect pure sounds and is specially constructed to create a tactile sound editing experience. Like a portable recording studio, “Ondo” makes mixing tracks easy, because each “stick” picks up isolated sounds from each individual instrument. Made from form-sensitive flexible materials, the “Ondo” allows the user to modify recorded sounds by physically twisting and bending the device.

Music Phone Ondo by PILOTFISH1

Music Phone Ondo by PILOTFISH3Music Phone Ondo by PILOTFISH2Music Phone Ondo by PILOTFISH5Music Phone Ondo by PILOTFISH4
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