Laser hoop "from the future"

Laser hoop "from the future"

Hair care has become a cult. Women are experimenting with shampoos and masks, buy expensive combs and counted every fallen a hair. But if all of these manipulations do not provide the desired length and thickness, always have a plan “B”: the strand may be extended, or buy in the shop hairdressing supplies. But for men head of hair loss turns into a real catastrophe. Those who are not ready to try hairstyle Bruce Willis, agrees to spend the tidy sum by any means, giving hope for the salvation of vegetation. For example, this laser hoop.
Technology is increasingly help people in the struggle for beauty. In particular, for the beauty of hair. For example, an American company specializing in devices Hairmax alopecia (alopecia). The latest invention of the brand – a laser hoop LaserBand 82. This device, the assurance of developers, is able to solve the problem of hair loss in 90 seconds a day.
Hoop with design, as if from a film about the near future, is equipped with 82 medical lasers. Special teeth divide the hair into small sections  facilitate access  “the useful light” to the follicles. Exposure to cold laser should accelerate blood flow, providing better nutrition of the hair roots. Accordingly, they should grow faster and fall out less.Future technology Laser hoop "from the future"

The procedure takes only 90 seconds per day. So the developers of laser hoop call it “the fastest cure for hair loss.” However, about the effectiveness of the gadget worth nearly $ 800 is difficult to judge. Although Hairmax and promise a five-month money back guarantee if the buyer is not satisfied with the result.
It is interesting: despite the fact that medical treatment laser is actively spread in modern cosmetology (from wrinkles and scars to depilation), how this method affects the growth of hair is still not exactly known. The main thing,that would a “miracle remedy” at least not violated the principle of «do no harm.”
I wonder,will the next generation consider the laser treatment effective, or it will enter the list of 10 bizarre medical practices of the past, which, fortunately, have been abandoned? Future technology Laser hoop "from the future" Future technology Laser hoop "from the future" Future technology Laser hoop "from the future"
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