Kitchen blender "Fil Rouge"

Kitchen blender "Fil Rouge"

The idea of this specific product is the design of the food blender along with protection and also washability enhancements. The main benefit of that invention may be the removal with any kind of dangerous reducing elements. The actual electrical energy will be transported for the motor unit only if the top component is positioned within the cup — the form of the platform enables a central rotor to happen within the induction transmission device.

Kitchen blender Fil Rouge1

The actual food blender includes 3 unique elements: a thin platform — together with a transformer plus the electromagnetic transmission device, the glass cup, and also the top set up — such as the motor unit, a central rotor plus the cutting system. Furthermore, the standard stainless-steel blade has been changed through 6 nylon material wires functioning such as the reduce system of the brushcutter.

Kitchen blender Fil Rouge3

Kitchen blender Fil Rouge2

Kitchen blender Fil Rouge4

Kitchen blender Fil Rouge5
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  • Shairbearg

    May 17th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    It looks like a mini weed whacker! LOL But kind of in a stylish way

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