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Touchpot harnesses kinetic energy to glow !

Touchpot harnesses kinetic energy to glow !


Eco-friendly concept device harnesses kinetic energy.

The Touchpot is an eco-friendly artificial plant pot that harnesses kinetic energy whenever its artificial leaves are moved by hand or by the wind. Designed by Aydan Design, the concept features leaves that can be rotated and moved in any direction. The leaves respond to human touch by harnessing the tiny amount of energy that will be generated during the process.

concept electricity generation

Moreover, whenever the plant is placed outside the window, it harvests wind energy to recharge an onboard battery. A fully recharged battery can be used to power a LED light panel integrated within the pot. The energy stored can also be used to power rechargeable batteries of other electronic devices as well.

concept electricity generationconcept electricity generation

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