IWatch Concept

IWatch Concept

According to unconfirmed reports, Apple is preparing to release a new type of device, This will be the smart watch. By analogy with other branded gadgets, expected that the product will be called iWatch. The designer presented his own concept of this device. The gadget features an attractive appearance and strictly sustained in style apple products.
In addition to the design, Apple iWatch boasts a set of advanced features. This connection to the proprietary cloud services and synchronization with the iPad, iPhone, iMac or MacBook. Instead of the traditional dial smart watches equipped no-touch OLED-display. Management is carried out by a small touchpad below the screen. This is quite an interesting solution. Below the display are also available controls MP3-player.  Future technology IWatch Concept

The width of the device and a soft strap that holds the iWatch Apple, is 3.3 cm.  Another interesting finding is a small solar panel, which is fixed above the display. It increases the battery life of the device. And finally, the lack of the touch panel on the screen means that smart watches are performed in very the thin shell. It is possible that the original gadget from Apple will be similar to this concept.
Designer: Tolga Tuncer.  Future technology IWatch Concept Future technology IWatch ConceptFuture technology IWatch Concept Future technology IWatch Concept

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