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It’s Time To Spotlight Future Customizable Laptop Designs

It’s Time To Spotlight Future Customizable Laptop Designs

In the not so distant future, customizable laptop designs will become more affordable and available to everyone. Students and employees are expected to be productive no matter where they go, and always remain in touch. Every year access speeds for the Internet has increased allowing more data to be transmitted back and forth. While the technologies described here are still in early development, the following will become reality soon. Evolution Of The Detachable

The upgradability of laptops has come full circle. Several years ago laptops were thick and heavy, though not considered heavy at the time, because they used the same parts as desktop computers did. Manufactures of laptops eventually switched to smaller versions of the same parts and soldered those parts directly onto the circuit board so only trained technicians could replace them. In recent years and going into the future all laptops are now coming standard with high-speed data ports. These data ports allow external peripherals such as a faster video card or more storage space to be plugged in. The newest graphics ports named Thunderbolt3 and used by major video card manufacturers is a perfect example of this.

While the speed and abilities of processors in laptops and other portable devices have improved, a significant amount of processing power has moved to the cloud. As long as there is a fast Internet connection, just about anything can be performed in record time. Type in some data, send that data to a server in the cloud, and returned results are displayed locally. The now-defunct gaming service OnLive allowed users to play action-packed games with all optional content enabled and at a high frame rate with their laptop computer. Meanwhile, businesses have long allowed employees to access an office computer through an encrypted VPN connection even when they are away.Future technology Laptop Designs

Your future laptop is going to have several more ports available besides the standard USB ports your used to now. High-speed Internet access will offload processing power to a distant computer. This means the CPU in your hand might be less powerful than the CPU you were holding just a few years ago. More places will have a spot for you to plug in your electronics which encourages you to physically remain in one spot for a longer time. You can look forward to the day when you will no longer have to sit in an awkward position to use your favorite electronics.

This guest post was written by Frank Laughlin. An innovator and adventurer at heart, Frank is committed to providing unique ways of inspiring ideas, sparking creativity and encouraging problem solving. As creator of  ideas2apply , Frank encourages creative thinking via the exploration of topics from multiple angles. When not generating new and unique ways to help young minds explore and grow, Frank cultivates his need for adventure through frequent visits to theme parks, sports venues, and instrumental music performances.

Frank Laughlin Future technology Laptop Designs

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