ITRI Smart Skiing Wrist Band

ITRI Smart Skiing Wrist Band

Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) found Pilotfish to get away to advertise among their own greatest technologies, this flex-dot-matrix screen. Right here had been among our own thoughts. The Smart-Skiing hand strap is usually more than only a skiing move, its aslo leading you about your preferred ski resorts. This improvements you in activities, events, competitions and may localize your friends. Smart-Skiing will be financed through a insurance provider, if you come with an incident within the slopes, Smart-Skiing may demand support and also include the charges. Through placing clickable change beneath the three areas of the flexible User Interface, we have been creating the 1st flexible touching screen along with actual physical feedback… obviously along with restricted relationships however sufficient for any smaller interface. Such as e-paper, the FlexDM screen does not will need a lot power. It may be powered with a flexible the solar cell.

ITRI Smart Skiing Wrist Band 1

ITRI Smart Skiing Wrist Band 3

ITRI Smart Skiing Wrist Band 2

ITRI Smart Skiing Wrist Band 4

ITRI Smart Skiing Wrist Band 5
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