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Intel Technology in Digital Signage

Intel Technology in Digital Signage

Digital signage is a relatively new display category that encompasses in-store kiosks, large information displays suspended from a ceiling, touchscreens for navigating a building or store, ambient displays that show imagery or advertising, and more.

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The design involves two 7-foot-tall foot panels bound at the center like a book. These elegant glossy white frames with bamboo accents house cutting-edge technology to create an experience that people find quite magical.On the right side is a 70-inch high resolution color LCD that plays animations and advertisements in a loop. On the left side is a translucent panel that store customers can walk up to and see the store shelves through it. As a customer approaches, a tiny camera embedded in the top recognizes the person’s height and gender and can overlay information on the screen that appears as though it is pointing to items of the shelves behind. This “augmented reality” display may highlight clothing in the person’s size, for example, or items that are on sale. Touching on the items on the display brings up further details. Information about products can be sent to a mobile phone, and a map of the store can be brought up for way-finding.

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