Innovative wallpaper – TV

Innovative wallpaper – TV

Televisions are evolving at an incredible rate. A couple of years ago, engineers first started talking about the possibility to create by bendable screens. Now, however, representatives of LG decided to indulge a TV with  screen slightly thicker paper.
A long time ago TV were bulky, black and white, but also to view them needed a special lens! Over time, they become more compact, and then another, and color. Today we have television screens with the latest formats of super modern materials, which can show the super fine image. They have a variety of functions. Their screens are thinner every year, but this novelty could outrun at a few steps all at once.
The novelty is in itself completely changes the look of the modern television. Why? Although, if only because LG W7 OLED – it is the thinnest (today) a television. Manufacturers comparing its thickness with a thickness of ordinary wallpaper. This is no exaggeration. screen thickness of only 2.85 mm! Screen Available in two versions, with a diagonal of 65 and 77 inches
As you might guess, with a thickness of 3 millimeters in screen design is simply no place for such things as the conventional speaker. For this reason,should be used along with a screen the small panel Dolby Atmos Sound Bar. He has two vertical dynamics, synchronized with by screen, automatically turns on then, and only then, when the screen starts to work. The panel also has a variety of inputs, from the good old DVD-drive to the USB-connector.
LG W7 OLED TV already pampers impressive 4K resolution and transmits incredible a color flavors. Most importantly, the new product very soon will be available for sale. Future technology Innovative wallpaper - TV

Future technology Innovative wallpaper - TV  Future technology Innovative wallpaper - TV Future technology Innovative wallpaper - TV

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