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Innovative USB-dongle that can conduct an HIV test

Innovative USB-dongle that can conduct an HIV test


When it comes to HIV testing, a drop of blood and a USB-device – this is all, that the patient may need in the near future. Scientists at Imperial College London, together with DNA Electronics company developed a device that determines the level of HIV in the blood and generates a signal which can be read by a computer or a portable gadget. This invention can be use to monitor HIV-infected patients and their treatment.
The compact device monitors the amount of the HIV virus, which is present in the patient’s blood, which is very important for the preparation of competent and effective treatment for the virus. Tracking the amount of virus in the blood test will understand the doctor if the patient suddenly stopped taking drugs or if the current course of treatment has ceased to be effective. Researchers also hope that the technology can be useful for the diagnosis of hepatitis and other viruses. DNA Electronics is already using the system to develop a method of analysis of sepsis and antibiotic resistance.Future technology Innovative USB-dongle that can conduct an HIV tes

USB-dongle is not only very accurate, but it can also inform about the level of HIV in less than 30 seconds. Previously for diagnosing AIDS was necessary to send a blood test in a laboratory, but in some regions of the world simply no such laboratories, despite the fact that the level of the disease is quite high.
Managed chipset of mobile phone, the gadget requires a small amount of blood for analysis. When diagnosed with HIV virus, USB-device activates a change in pH, which converts a chip into an electrical signal. This signal is then converted into the readable data in the program on a computer or other electronic device. During recent tests, the system has passed through about 1000 of blood tests, diagnosing virus in which was 95% successful. Meanwhile, scientists around the world are working on a cure for AIDS, but this process will take  yet  some time..Future technology Innovative USB-dongle that can conduct an HIV tes
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