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Future of the insulating materalov

Future of the insulating materalov

Everyone knows that the web – it is a miracle material, unique in nature. Every year, scientists are studying the amazing features of this masterpiece of nature, making new discoveries. Recently it became known that spider silk shares some useful properties of semiconductors, except, that instead of manipulating the electrons,he can be used to control thermal and sound waves.
The web can block certain web quasiparticle sound (so-called “phonons”) depending on their frequency, exactly the same as semiconductors block some electrons. “The web does not allow to spread a certain range of frequencies. If you pass the sound at this frequency, the material will absorb it, “explains co-author of the Edwin Thomas William Marshall Rice University (Houston, USA).
Bandgap – a range of energy values, which not may have an electrons in an ideal crystal. Knowing him, physicists can effectively “tune” material, when it comes to its ability to transmit photons of light. Similarly, as photonic crystals work phonons (adjusted for the fact that we are here talking about sound waves),but such study scientists – the first case of detection of the forbidden band in such material.Future tecfhnology Future of the insulating materalov

 Future tecfhnology Future of the insulating materalov Here is the microstructure of the web and its ability to absorb sound waves

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