Innovative the smart a glass

Innovative the smart a glass

Everyone knows that the normalized consumption of water is very important for the human body. Many on the advice of nutritionists can drink the daily rate, which equals about 8 cups of fluid a day. But keep in mind,that everyone has their own life activity, a weight, height, age and gender. On this basis should select the optimum amount of water for daily consumption.
To do this, the development team from the United States offered a clever glass Pryme Vessyl, which allows you to control the level of water you drink. Wherein  takes into account all the individual characteristics of a person with a special program on a smartphone that is synchronized with the gadget via Bluetooth.
The device is a glass on the 0.5-liter with a strip of indicator that shows the amount of liquid you drink. This can be water, tea or juice. Special sensors detect the number of drunk liquid and fixed value. Clever cup is made of glass and has a white minimalist design inherent in the products Apple.
The device will appreciate of the people,who monitor of their health and want to look good.Future technology Innovative the smart a glass

 Future technology Innovative the smart a glass

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