Innovative Salt lamp

Innovative Salt lamp

Quite useful device invented engineer Aisa Meighan. He created LED lamp titled SALt. What is so special in lamp? No need for batteries or fuel. Enough cups water and 2 teaspoons salt. Described “refueling” guarantee 8:00 of smooth operation. Plus,can recharge mobile gadgets (via port USB).
It sounds interesting. However, the author does not intend to sell the invention to the public. SALt for the population of the Philippine Islands. Local tribes have no access to electricity. Therefore, actively using kerosene as lighting sources. Not too cheap and healthy. Extremely flammable.
Aisa Meighan offers an excellent alternative. Especially because, with the salt in the region in order. The surplus has sea water. The only drawback of the design – the electrodes must be replaced every six months. Total author of the project plans to provide 600 copies SALt of the Philippines (to start). A very laudable initiative.Future technology Innovative Salt lamp

 Future technology Innovative Salt lamp

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