Innovative PowerDock 5

Innovative PowerDock 5

In the years, when the world was just getting ready for the appearance of iPad, the company Griffin has taken care about users  iPhone and player iPod, and released the charging stations, that deliver charge just four mobile devices.
Much water has flowed under the bridge since then – a new connector Lightning, who  complicated a  life for owners of iOS-devices. In order to make the user’s life "apple" of smartphones and tablets easier, Griffin released a new generation charging station Griffin PowerDock 5. Novelty can simultaneously charge up to five devices Apple. These can be any models of players iPod, iPhone and tablet iPad. Station can provide up to 10 watts of power per channel.  Future technology Innovative PowerDock 5

Besides PowerDock 5 manufacturer has announced two products – PowerBlock Universal charger and PowerJolt Universal, which boast supporting ChargeSensor. The latter can automatically identify the required amperage and power the connected mobile gadget. PowerBlock Universal is designed to charge the device from the mains (input voltage 100-240 V, output power up to 10 W), and  the PowerJolt Universal is the charger for car  (12 V input voltage, power up to 10 W).  Future technology Innovative PowerDock 5 Future technology Innovative PowerDock 5   Future technology Innovative PowerDock 5 Future technology Innovative PowerDock 5

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