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Innovative jacket with solar panels

Innovative jacket with solar panels

Popular company Tommy Hilfiger has decided to prove in practice that the fashion and high technology compatible. The method was used simple, but effective.
Power supplies modern gadgets quickly “sit.” This forces people to buy laptop battery and constantly carry. Which is not always convenient.
Is there any way out? Yes I Am. Buy one of the new jackets aforementioned company. Time to forget about additional accessories. Solar panels are built right into the clothes and charge mobile devices “on the fly”.
The respective panels are located on the back and perfectly fit into the design. They are lightweight, flexible, and are not afraid of moisture. The bad weather did not harm them (except that on a cloudy day is going less energy).
If desired, the elements are easy to detach. Then innovation is transformed into the most ordinary autumn jacket. Cable with double USB port is located in a breast pocket. It gives an opportunity to “return to life” multiple gadgets simultaneously.
Resource – according to developers – enough for 4 phones on average 1500 mAh. After that, the invention may take some time to recover.Future technology Innovative jacket with solar panels

 Future technology Innovative jacket with solar panels

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