Innovative device LynQ

Innovative device LynQ

Active rest in the company assumes a wide scatter of participants on the ground. At the same time, it is not always possible to use a smartphone with GPS, Wi-Fi and access to cellular communications, as in some places access to them is difficult. The issue of autonomous tracking of the distance to the participants of the hike, rafting by canoe or skiing is solved the small pocket tracker LynQ
Thanks to a combination of radio technology and a special antenna, each waterproof LynQ device continuously monitors the current location of its user. If the user of another paired LynQ wants to know where this person is, he just needs to press a button and look at a screen similar to a compass – he will show how far the person is and in what direction, regardless of the presence of trees in the mountains or crowds at the festival.
Each LynQ user can track up to 12 other users in a private network within a 4.8 km radius. One charge of the USB battery tracker is enough for up to three days of use. It is also possible to use the device to find the path back to the agreed base, plus LynQ will issue warnings if users, such as children, leave the predefined safe zone.
A secure LynQ tracker does not require connection to cellular operators, making monthly payments or loading maps. It is offered at least in pairs, as the devices work exclusively with similar analogues.Future technology Innovative device  LynQ

Future technology Innovative device  LynQ   Future technology Innovative device  LynQ  Future technology Innovative device  LynQ Future technology Innovative device  LynQ Future technology Innovative device  LynQ

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