Innovative device FoldiMate

Innovative device FoldiMate

It is unlikely, that someone gets pleasure from ironing and folding clothes after washing. But today these routine cases can be eliminated by entrusting the care of their own wardrobe by assistant robot. Developers innovative device promise, that the new home gadget will everything ironed and neatly stacked. Only  all need will expanded in a cabinet on the shelves.
Each faced a problem, when need to wash clothes, dried, and it is necessary  ironing and neatly folded. That’s where the real routine, consuming a lot of time! But, it seems the problem was solved a developers of innovative device home  called FoldiMate. This robotic assistant – a real expert in the field tidy clothes. It can be no worse than the zealous mistress ironed and lay down pants, shirts, T-shirts.
“Industrial” version appeared in 2014. In the past two years, the creators have tried to create a “home” version of their offspring, which will hit the market as early as next year. The developers recommend to place the gadget in the bathroom. Plenty of space it not takes up. The height of the device 82 cm, width – 71 cm, it weighs only 30 kg.. You can safely put on the washing machine or dryer, well, or fairly sturdy table.Future technology Innovative device FoldiMate

FoldiMate works as follows: by user enough to hang clothes on a special stand, and then will need to specify a type (trousers or shirts) and click Start. The station itself will do the rest. Simultaneously, on the rack can be shipped 15-20 things. To smooth out the wrinkles in the clothes, the device should work 20-30 seconds and 10 seconds,to fold clothes.
Unfortunately, the novelty can not cope with all the clothing items from your shopping cart. Things like underwear and socks still need to put in order the “traditional” method.Future technology Innovative device FoldiMate  Future technology Innovative device FoldiMate Future technology Innovative device FoldiMate
Innovative device
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