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Innovative clothes for weight loss

Innovative clothes for weight loss

Former athlete has created an innovative clothing – vest and insole – which help to lose weight, even when you sleep. The secret in cooling chips in the tissue which reduces the temperature of the body, causing the body to produce more energy for warming, burning, thereby thousands of extra calories per day.
The clothing line Thin Ice is cheating metabolism, causing the body to think that it’s cold. Basically, that’s right – the man in the clothes really feel the cold, but only the first few seconds of adaptation. But a feeling compared with a jump into a cold pool: first, it seems that it is very cold, but after you do not notice.
“If you still cold, you can always adjust the temperature of the clothes Thin Ice which help smartphone to a comfortable level – says the inventor. – It’s not in our interests to scare the client, creating him uncomfortable conditions. “Future technology Innovative clothes for weight loss

Special application in addition to temperature control allows you to track the number of calories burned, and set a timer to activate the system. The point is that in the clothing at certain locations embedded thermoelectric chips Peltier so that they release it on the cold parts of the body with a high concentration of heat receptors. The chips are powered by a battery, and the resulting heat is dissipated from the body through the surface of the garment.
The stimulation of certain parts of the legs and abdomen, and not on the whole foot or chest ensures less discomfort while retaining the essential metabolic reaction. In addition, it means that you do not have to shiver. According to calculations can burn 500 to 1,000 calories a day,
Designer Adam Polen Future technology Innovative clothes for weight loss Future technology Innovative clothes for weight loss
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