Innovative a smart stove

Innovative a smart stove

The company Buzzfeed Product Labs introduced an unusual device: a stove with intelligent control. It will help novice cooks, mastering the basics of culinary art, prepare any dish correctly. The device is called Tasty One Top and it automatically calculates the level of heating utensils and the food itself.
With the user, the smart stove interacts with a special application that is installed on the smartphone. The base includes 1,7 thousand recipes, adapted to the smart stove. Culinary can prepare the products and follow the video instructions. The device can be used by both beginners and elderly people with signs of dementia.
The device allows you to cook the pasta correctly and cook the meat of the required degree of roasting. In this case, the smart stove is induction: the dishes do not heat up the walls and reduce the risk of burns. Temperature control also avoids fires and scorched pans.
Media companies expect that investments in home appliances will lead to results that are useful for readers and their families.Future technology Innovative a smart stove

 Future technology Innovative a smart stove  Future technology Innovative a smart stove

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