HYT H1: liquid watch concept

HYT H1: liquid watch concept

Two bellows are used to push and pull the liquid to show the time on the scale. The Hydro by HYT uses a liquid filled chamber to display the hours using luminescent green goo in a circular tube. On the right is a power reserve indicator for the mechanical movement. The minutes are displayed in the center of the face with a dedicated dial, and there is a water turbine style subsidiary seconds hand to the left of it. The movement has a power reserve of 65 hours and is visible through the rear of the watch.

HYT H1 liquid watch concept4

The H1 will be available in titanium, DLC black coated titanium, and 18k red gold. Design wise the case reminds me a lot of the Clerc Hydroscaph. The case will be 48.8mm wide and a pretty massive 17.9mm thick. The HYT H1 in titanium will be priced at $45,000.

HYT H1 liquid watch concept6HYT H1 liquid watch concept3HYT H1 liquid watch concept2HYT H1 liquid watch concept1HYT H1 liquid watch concept5

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