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Hydrogel: versatile material of the future

Hydrogel: versatile material of the future

Hydrogel, no doubt, is a material of the future. Materials based on it are often the subject of experiments in the scientific community. They are already used to cool the heated building, to create a more durable condoms and exoskeleton to grow. Today we will tell you about,on what is still capable a hydrogel.
Hydrogel – a substance consisting of polymers swelling in water to form a gel-like material. The potential of such substances is very high, mainly due to their durability and insolubility. Two new studies added a few more items in the growing list of applications of this material.
The first studies introduced the team from Boston University, which used hydrogel as a basis for medical dressings that help heal burn wounds to the second degree inclusive. According to the study dressings based on hydrogel will be easier to remove because it does not dry the wound and can be easily separated improvised means. After a team led by Dr. Mark Grinstaffa tested new bandage on laboratory rats, it was found that not only do they stimulate regeneration processes, but also have antibacterial properties.
Chinese scientists from the University of Zhejiang used hydrogel to create a material that can change its shape. It is modeled on the principle the venus flytrap that closes shutters,when a extraction touches the sensitive hairs. Chemistry World reports that this mechanism of “latch” can be implemented in other materials that can change shape. What other applications finds a hydrogel in modern life? It is possible, that a couple of decades a materials on him based be used almost everywhere. Future technology Hydrogel: versatile material of the future

 Future technology Hydrogel: versatile material of the future

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