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Huawei patented folding smartphone

Huawei patented folding smartphone

Recently Huawei introduced a smartphone with three cameras, which proved to Samsung and Apple that now the company is able to equip its devices with technologies that are not available to competitors. Now Huawei took up the “smartphone-book” – at least, this is how the new device is described in the patent application filed by Huawei.
The bottom line is to provide users with a huge display enclosed in a compact “packaging”. Expanding the device, the user will receive a tablet size display, which will provide a more comfortable reading. In the folded form, the model can easily be carried in your pocket, just like a regular smartphone. Most likely, the practical application of this technology is not far off – it can be expected in the followers of Mate 10 Pro or P20 Pro.
The main problem in the implementation of this design in reality is – the creation of a display,which “bends” tens of thousands of times without damage. In addition, the shade should not change in the bend point. Samsung has long been trying to solve this problem, but so far the device for mass production is not ready. By the way, Apple is also working on a similar device, but it remains only to guess, her specialists succeeded do it and when to expect the device to go out.Future technology Huawei patented folding smartphone
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