Huawei P X Concept

Huawei P X Concept

Recently, smartphone manufacturing companies have nothing to show us, so they began to invent very strange things in terms of functionality and appearance. And, one of these things is the dream of a “completely” frameless smartphone, of which there have been many recently.
Strange as it may seem,  are doing it Chinese companies Xiaomi and Huawei.
The latest concept the Huawei P X is supposed to be an alternative to the Huawei P10, one that pushes an edge to edge display to the front.
The screen occupies almost the entire space of the front part, which means you can get a huge diagonal display, from a “small” smartphone. About Huawei PX, almost nothing is known, it’s only rumors and speculation, but they talk about the screen on the entire front panel without “chins” in the compartment with top characteristics.Future technology Huawei P X Concept

There’s a 24 megapixel back camera here, with Carl Zeiss optics and the handset comes in 3 metal finishes, plus 2 color matte finishes as well. An iris scanner has been included this time and a 25 minute quick charger. The design language doesn’t feel typical for Huawei and the logo at the back feels a bit overkill. The facade is kind of nice looking, not Xiaomi Mi MIX nice, but still nice.
May be the Huawei logo at the front is not needed, since we have the huge one at the back. The earpiece area is kind of nice though. The glass and metal approach included here recalls of the Galaxy A 2016 models and the ZenFone 3 a bit… Future technology Huawei P X Concept Future technology Huawei P X Concept  Future technology Huawei P X Concept  Future technology Huawei P X Concept
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