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Concept of the Toyota GR Super Sport

Two car companies, participating in the world championship of Formula 1, have already announced the construction of road hypercar. Mercedes-AMG has already presented its Project One, and Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin the fantastic Valkyrie. Now they were joined by Toyota. The Gazoo Racing team began work on a new direction of creating road cars based on racing.The Japanese are going to use thei…

Smartphone Moviphone replaces a 100-inch TV

Imagine that now you can carry in your pocket a whole cinema based on an ordinary smartphone. This is the device called Moviphone introduced by Wireless Mobi Soluions.Smartphone Moviphone will be able to replace the 100-inch TV. After all, the device is built-in laser projector. As a result, Moviphone easily projects an image in the resolution of 720p to an area of ​​diagonal up to a hundred i…