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Concept the first 3D printed the unmanned car WiGo


The exhibition GITEX-2016 in Dubai the company DigiRobotics introduced the first 3D-printed autonomous car WIGO, which is fully designed, printed, assembled and programmed by experts from the United Arab Emirates, and the company is extremely proud of these circumstances.Inside WiGo has four seats, large screen and four IPad, through which passengers could point to a destination, and then have fun…

Recording Online Movies and Watch Offline with Movavi Screen Capture


Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a screen capture software that you can use to create guides and tutorials for posting them on your blogs. It is able to capture any open application on the desktop screen so it is ideal for creating a video that gives a walkthrough of a software that you wish to review. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is also frequently used to record movies that are streaming on the i…