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Car-transformer that can go around the cork

Large cities and traffic jams are not inseparable. But avtomeltsy from America found a way out by creating Car-transformer, which is able to go around traffic jams.Meet: a new car that can drive over other cars!The creative studio Thinkmodo has developed a unique SUV model, which is a modified version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. A novelty called Hum Rider easily overcomes traffic jams, just liftin…

Concept the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy X 3D Trailer

So many reports believe that the folding Samsung Galaxy X has already been built, and the company is just waiting for the right time to test it. Foldable Samsung Galaxy X will be one of the best phones of all time, if it appears in 2018.It is a folding smartphone that can become a tablet with ease.The designer Samsung really worked hard to draw inspiration from the concepts. A foldable smartphone …