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Holographic room of the future

Holographic room of the future

Being in holographic room you can communicate with anyone in the virtual environment interlocutor, who almost indistinguishable from reality. Imagine, for example, as you go in to itself home after a tiring work,press at button and find yourself on the wide beaches, feeling the salty air and listening to the soothing sound of the waves.
In the days of the classic Star Trek,such technologies has simply blew imagination and seemed to be something unattainable. But now it is no longer science fiction. Scientific expert, AMD Phil Rogers, who has devoted 20 years of research in the field of 3D-technology, believes, that full volume holography technology will be available in the next 10-15 years. Future technology Holographic room of the future

But to do this necessary:
    The appearance of the video is better than IMAX
    The most voluminous and detailed sound
    Sense of touch
    An effective distribution of the huge computing power
    Storage and playback memory SuperSpeed ​​data transfer channel
    Search for those who are willing to fund the creation of a room
    Open source developers and optimization
To achieve the realistic a holographic all around you, need technology that surround it completely, including above and below the line of sight and are able to dynamically change with the movement of the viewer’s head. This can be achieved by linking several visual channels in a single unit. In addition, the need to create a system that would be adapted for human movement, under its movement in space room. Therefore, important, get the surround sound of absolute accuracy, accompanying a user at any point.
As for the sense of touch, and emulation of the senses, such technology is invented, but it’s unclear how they can be implemented in the holographic room. The first prototypes of room require an inordinate amount of energii. In ideally, it should be a gadget, size in the modern PC and consume as much energy.
Wait,according to experts, necessary another 10-15 years.  Future technology Holographic room of the future

Concept 3D mobile phone
Virtual-Holographic Display
Innovative concept Way of Navigation
Concept A visual communication device
Holographic Cellphone
Concept Incorporates a Hologram Projector

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