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Hologram,to which can touched

Hologram,to which can touched

Holograms are becoming more and more commonplace phenomenon, finding use in various industries. And the man does not perceive it, as something unusual. A idea of ​​interaction with the hologram is not subject to only to science fiction stories.
The Japanese presented the world another sensation. Now the images can be seen not only  in the three-dimensional resolution, but also to touch them and even change the touch. It seems that the new discovery will the real breakthrough.
Aerial Burton Japanese company engaged in the development and manufacture of displays, and has introduced new technology for tactile 3D-image. The main feature of the prototype is, that the image can touch and feel to the touch. It was possible thanks to the use of plasma. In the Aerial Burton once noted that they created a device is absolutely safe for humans, including those in contact with the plasma.
Possibility to work with such displays provide lasers, that transmit airborne gases enough energy to heat the electrons and force them to leave their orbit – ionize the air and in the process of ionization towards the plasma a air begins to emit light. To achieve this effect allowed the femtosecond laser pulse, initiate simultaneous reaction of 200,000 points in three dimensions at once.Future technology Hologram,to which can touched

Scientists have formed a hologram in the form of hearts, stars and little fairies. The visible image is a three-dimensional representation of two-dimensional data. Although the technology does not allow to collect a real holodeck. But tangible hologram can be used in the holographic interfaces. Future technology Hologram,to which can touched 3-d-pictar-02 Future technology Hologram,to which can touched  Future technology Hologram,to which can touched Future technology Hologram,to which can touched

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