Hackers of the future

Hackers of the future

The ideal of an early future: hackers can hack not only our computers, but also brains. Computer attackers of the future will steal confidential data, passwords, PIN codes and other information directly rom the user’s head. In this a hacker will help special devices for reading electromagnetic impulses of the brain.
The assumption of the possibility of an original method of data theft was made by scientists from the University of California (Riverside, USA) and their colleagues from the University of Alabama (Birmingham, USA). Researchers have suggested that crimes based on stealing data directly from the user’s head can become a reality in the near future.
Lately, developers of the latest computer gadgets work in the direction of designing devices that can be controlled by electromagnetic pulses generated by the human brain. The appearance of the first neuroguns will be immediately noticed by criminals, and they will immediately become an attractive object for hacking. In this regard, scientists are urged to begin now to implement security measures to prevent hacker attacks aimed directly at the human brain.Future technology Hackers of the future

Future technology Hackers of the future Future technology Hackers of the future,

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