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Gadgets Every Car Owner Needs

Gadgets Every Car Owner Needs

Getting stranded in your car is never a fun experience. In fact, it can be downright nerve-wracking. Even if you take the time to carry out regular checks and maintenance on your car, there is always the possibility that something will suddenly and unexpectedly fail. Luckily, there are now an endless array of gadgets that you can buy that will help you get out even the stickiest of situations.

These gadgets all serve some kind of useful purpose and will help you to ensure that you are prepared for every eventuality when you are out driving.


Dashcams have become very popular car gadgets in recent years. One of their most common uses, especially among those who drive as part of their professional life, is to provide a record of any incidents that might occur. Dashcam footage is invaluable when claiming insurance, it has also been used on occasion to protect individuals from scams.

As well as their practical uses, dashcams are popular amongst recreational drivers who enjoy recording footage of their favorite routes and sharing it with one another.

Smartphone Mounts

Smartphone mounts are designed to hold your smartphone while you drive, keeping it safe, and also allowing you to see the screen. For those who rely on their phone’s GPS to direct them from A to B, a smartphone mount is an essential purchase. In combination with a setup which allows you to hear your phone’s audio through your car stereo, they are fantastic tools for allowing you to safely refer to your phone while driving.

Portable Jumper Kit

There’s nothing worse than the realization that your car battery has died while you are in the middle of nowhere. There’s no guarantee that there’ll be someone else around that you can get a jump start off, therefore, it is always a good idea to have your own jumpstarting kit. These simple kits will contain everything you need to give your car an emergency jump start.

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USB Car Charger

A dead car can be a major inconvenience, but a dead smartphone means that you can’t even call to get help. Some modern cars have USB ports built in as standard, but these are still the exception rather than the rule. A USB car charger plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter, allowing USB devices to be plugged in and to draw power.

Seatbelt Cutting and Glass Breaking Tool

This device does exactly what it says on the box: it allows you to rapidly and easily cut yourself free from a seatbelt and to smash the window of your car. Hopefully, you will never have cause to use it, but if you are in a crash and you find yourself trapped, this tool could be a real lifesaver.

Owning a car is supposed to give us a sense of freedom and liberation, but all too often owning a car ends up being more of a hassle than anything else. These gadgets will all help to make your automobile experience as smooth as possible.

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